Article – Strive for best of both worlds

16 July 2013
Northern Territory News/Sunday Territorian
I’VE lived in Brisbane for all of my 63 years and have only visited the north for a couple of weeks last year.
I know that many in Northern Australia would like to see much more development in the north and just as many would like it to stay just like it is.
With such a huge area it is possible to have the best of both worlds.
There will always be places where people who can’t abide development encroaching can enjoy their own brand of lifestyle.
Increased development will mean cheaper housing in some areas, cheaper groceries, better services and the ability to develop industries large enough to trade with overseas markets and value add the thousands of things that the region can produce.
I support the ANDEV organisation and have found out much about the region from the many supporters.
I’ve promoted northern development for almost 10 years and have just started my own website, Dam Builder, on Facebook. It appears as Dam Builder, Community.
Although the Government discourages northern development, us city dwellers don’t ignore the enormous potential of our beautiful north and the committed people who love to live there.
Glenn Kerswell, Qld