Article – Support for tax rebate reforms

1 June 2014
The North West Star
SENATOR Ian Macdonald says policymakers must listen to the Queensland Resources Council’s endorsement of reform to the zone tax rebate for northern Australia.
“The Queensland Resources Council represents some of the biggest employers in northern Australia,” Senator Macdonald said. “We need to be listening when a group like this offers an endorsement of reform.”
The Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia has heard from key witnesses that they support reform to the zone tax rebate scheme operating across northern and remote Australia.
Senator Macdonald was buoyed by the support from the QRC and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland about reforming the scheme.
“These are key economic players and key employers in northern Australia and they have both acknowledged the benefits of reform,” he said.
During hearings in Brisbane, Michael Roche, of the QRC, agreed with Senator Macdonald that reforming the system would assist industry in attracting skilled workers.
Courtesy of The North West Star