Article – Talks start on white paper policies

5 February 2014
The North West Star
THE head of the Northern Australia Taskforce in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet David Williamson met with the Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce this week to discuss the development of the Australian Government White Paper.
The white paper is expected to set out a clear, well-defined and timely policy platform for promoting the development of Northern Australia and define policies for developing the North to 2030, including an outline for the implementation of these policies over the next two, five, 10 and 20 years.
Mount Isa Chamber of Commerce manager Joyce McCulloch said there were several key issues discussed at yesterday’s meeting, including tax zone rebates, future water storage, and infrastructure.
“He was great to talk to and very open; this is just him conveying back to government,” she said.
“What is really good about this though is that it is a collaborative government approach, it’s not just one side, and that’s huge, that’s where we could see some real results.”
Courtesy of the North West Star