Article – Taskforce focused on Isa’s future

8 October 2014
The North West Star
A NEW taskforce has been developed to help drive Mount Isa’s future as a resource and economic powerhouse.
Mount Isa Mines, Commerce North West and the Mount Isa City Council have joined forces to develop a plan that will see Mount Isa grow as a resource and economic hub – as well as a great place to live and visit.
The Mount Isa City Futures Taskforce has been developed as part of the initiative and consultancy firm Deborah Wilson Consulting has been appointed to drive the development and implementation of the plan.
Commerce North West taskforce representative Gary Murray said Deborah Wilson Consulting would commence contacting various community and business groups this month to seek feedback on the priorities for the City Future Plan.
“Commerce North West has been working hard over the past six to 12 months in getting this taskforce off the ground as we can see how beneficial this will be to not only the business community in Mount Isa, but the entire city,” Mr Murray said.
North Queensland Copper Assets for Glencore chief processing officer Richard Harvey said Mount Isa Mines invested $150,000 through its Glencore Community Program North Queensland to ensure the success of the newly developed Mount Isa City Futures Taskforce and the Mount Isa City Plan.
“There is currently a lot of interest from both the federal and state governments on Northern Australia, including Mount Isa, and as a city we believe we need to do all we can to take advantage of this opportunity,” Mr Harvey said.
“Through the Mount Isa City Futures Taskforce we will be looking at the various government plans and strategies that focus on our region and we will be working hard to tap into these reports to try and get some outcomes for our region.
“Creating opportunities for Mount Isa, looking at recreation options, amenities and new investment opportunities to help our city attract and retain residents and businesses is what our main drivers will be.”
Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady said he was excited about what the taskforce would achieve in the coming months.
“We all want a great lifestyle for ourselves, our families and the community,” Cr McGrady said.
“While we will be looking at how to grow and attract other industry to our region, we will also be focusing on developing and diversifying the liveability of Mount Isa.
“Liveability means different things to different people and creating a city that meets the liveability needs of a vast range of people is what we will be striving to achieve.”

Courtesy of The North West Star