Article – Tax breaks for northern Australia back on map for parliamentary committee inquiry

6 December 2013
ABC News

Sunny outlook: Recommendations on how to unlock the potential of northern Australia are expected to be unveiled next July.

The terms of reference for a Federal Government parliamentary inquiry into northern Australia have been amended to include the consideration of taxation issues.
Further developing the north was a key Coalition platform before the federal election, with the Coalition promising a white paper on the topic after a year in power.
Last month, the terms of reference for a parliamentary committee were adopted in the lower house.
But this week, Coalition Senator Ian MacDonald criticised the Prime Minister’s office for failing to consult on the terms and for omitting any reference to special zone tax treatments.
Yesterday, the Senate agreed to a motion by Senator MacDonald motion to amend one of the terms of reference.
The committee will now make recommendations on how to establish a conducive tax and economic development environment.
The committee will look at the region’s potential for mining, energy, agriculture, tourism and defence industries.
It will also identify the infrastructure needed to support long-term growth.
A report will be prepared by next July.
Courtesy of ABC News