Article – The Over-regulation Burden by Mrs. Gina Rinehart

March 2015
Gina Rinehart
Australian Resources and Investment, vol.9 no.1

It was one of those ‘blink and you miss it’ moments, but it actually should have been front page news. Our treasurer Joe Hockey stood up in Parliament House and said that the government was spending $100 million a day more than it is collecting. That should make you focus.
“We have no choice,” he told a media conference. “If we don’t get on with the job…in getting savings through the Senate, then Australia will never get back to surplus; we will never live within our means”.
Almost immediately, he was accused of being alarmist by the usual left-wing voices in the media, who must think the money is just going to fall down from the sky. Joe Hockey was actually just telling it like it is. ‘Money out’ is far greater than ‘money in’.
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Mrs. Rinehart wanted to demonstrate how many government imposed hurdles she and her team faced for Roy Hill.
To see the partial list of over 4000 items, click: Roy_Hill_Approvals_List
Please take some time to peruse the list and ask yourself: how does this help welcome business and investment to our country? How does this help to create sustainable jobs and bring revenue to Australia?
Courtesy of Australian Resources and Investment and Mrs. Gina Rinehart