Article – Tracey Hayes takes the reins of the NTCA

28 May 2014
Matt Brann & Caddie Brain
ABC Rural

PHOTO: Tracey Hayes, the new chief executive officer of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association.

A passion for the Territory cattle industry and a chance to be part of its future has driven Tracey Hayes to finally accept the top job with the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA).
The new chief executive officer is the first female to lead the organisation in its 30-year history.
Ms Hayes has just returned from a trade delegation tour of Vietnam and China, after taking the job two weeks ago.
“There’s no question that the opportunities in China are absolutely incredible with the increasing middle-class affluence,” she said.
“The understanding of Australian beef and our production system was at a really high level.
“They want Territory beef and they’re very aware of our capacity to produce safe, clean, green food.”
In her first interview since taking on the role, Tracey Hayes spoke to ABC Rural about the potential for new Asian markets, developing northern Australia and her vision for the NTCA.

Luke Bowen to lead Northern Australia Office
Meanwhile, the former head of the NTCA Luke Bowen will lead the NT Government’s new Northern Australia Development Office in Darwin.
The office, which opened earlier this month, is a hub for business and industry formed to push forward the planning and development of northern Australia.
Chief Minister Adam Giles says Mr Bowen’s experience with both the NTCA and the Indigenous Land Corporation made him the ideal candidate.
“Luke Bowen is the perfect person to head this effort with his extensive experience in the live cattle trade,” Mr Giles said.
“As the head of the peak cattle industry body for the past five years, Mr Bowen has engaged with stakeholders who manage 90 per cent of the Territory herd, covering more than 45 per cent of the Northern Territory landmass.
“The NTCA has been strongly engaged in South East Asia and has driven a range of initiatives to expand cooperation and cultural exchange between northern Australia and Indonesia.
“Mr Bowen has a fundamental understanding of our wider region and is passionate about promoting regional economic development.”
Mr Bowen will begin his role on July 7.
Courtesy of ABC Rural