Article – Truss touts potential in recycling excess mine water

24 July 2014
ABC News
The Deputy Prime Minister believes there are great development opportunities in the recycling of excess mine water in northern Australia.
Yesterday, Warren Truss addressed delegates at an economic summit in Karratha, which discusses business and investment ideas in the region.
Mr Truss has used his visit to reinforce the importance of developing northern Australia’s assets.
Trials are currently underway in the Pilbara using excess mine water for horticulture developments.
Mr Truss says there is great potential in using excess mine water to develop agriculture projects.
“Not just in the iron ore industry but indeed others, to use the water that is a by-product sometimes of those operations in a constructive way,” he said.
“We are seeing some similar types of things in the coal seam gas industry in eastern Australia.
“I think using the water left over from the mining sector for productive purposes in agriculture is just a brilliant idea.
“It’s a win-win for the environment and for the mining sector and adds a new dimension to the local economy.”
Mr Truss will spend the day in Broome before heading to Darwin.
Courtesy of ABC News

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