Article – Unlocking the North

14 March 2015
Matt Sherrington
North Queensland Register
UNLOCKING the potential of the North is the key idea for the highly anticipated Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) 31st Annual General Meeting, Conference and Gala Dinner, being held at the Darwin Convention Centre on March 26-27.
NTCA CEO Tracey Hayes said the event will include an intensive program aimed at challenging industry to look at the emerging issues facing current and future generations of producers.
“Across the Territory it is a time of optimism within the cattle industry,” she said.
“Growing markets, government cooperation and a positive start to the season, all promise to contribute to continued long term growth.
“For 31 years it has been the charter of the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (NTCA) to protect the rights and promote the interests of its members.
“As we celebrate the positive production environment at our 31st Annual Conference and AGM we will also consider how we plan for the future.
“We will hear predictions that the demand for protein will continue to increase around the globe – but that scientists hope to feed the world from a laboratory.
“How can NT Producers remain competitive as technology changes the entire basis of the industry? How do we build on our proven resilience, tenacity and grit to remain relevant and prosperous for many years to come?
“The 2015 conference aims to bring together industry with our partners to work towards unlocking the north and achieving our full potential.”
The NTCA conference attracts over 500 people from producers to agri-political leaders, international guests and politicians. The conference will cover the most critical and relevant industry issues, markets and emerging opportunities.
“In this industry more than others, the chance to spend time with people who are so often inaccessible, should be seen as a tremendous business and networking opportunity. Our partners at previous NTCA conferences can attest to the fact that this contact with current and potential clients is an invaluable business tool.” (see Page 18 for speaker profiles)
The NTCA Annual General Meeting will be held the day prior to the conference and is attended by NTCA members only. This session comprises formal reports from NTCA President David Warriner and Ms Hayes, as well as the passing of motions and voting in of new representatives.
The AGM is followed by the traditional welcome and sponsor drinks, which is the official ‘kick off’ event for the conference and allows industry members, representatives and sponsors to meet properly for the first time during the event series.
The Ladies Luncheon will be held on Thursday, March 26, before the AGM. This luncheon is an increasingly popular event and is expected to attract more than 100 industry women. The event is used as an opportunity for outback women to meet up in a social atmosphere as well as hear from interesting speakers on topics not covered in the conference itself.
The Annual NTCA Gala Dinner sponsored by Elders is the grand finale of the series of events and is often the most popular occasion for industry members. The NTCA goes to great lengths to ensure that the evening goes off with a bang!
“We are expecting over 600 guests to attend the Gala Dinner this year, it’s a great opportunity for industry members to socialise and network, while enjoying some great AACo beef.”
A large trade display and exhibition area will be running throughout the event, which will provide an excellent opportunity for guests to browse all the latest machinery, animal health products, and cattle services they have available to them.
“The 2015 conference aims to bring together industry with our partners to work towards unlocking the north and achieving our full potential,” NTCA CEO Tracey Hayes said.
Courtesy of the North Queensland Register

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