Article – Voice of the North Cut red tape and open up our region

9 September 2013
Townsville Bulletin
NOW that election 2013 is done and dusted, it is time for the new Coalition Government to deliver.
Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott and his team have been given a strong mandate by the Australian public to implement their agenda.
It is now up to them to get cracking on cutting red tape, opening up the North and getting the nation moving again.
Locally, our MPs are on notice to deliver for the region with jobs and development.
A good start would be for the new Government to give the green light to the Abbot Point coal terminal expansion, which has been put in the too-hard basket for months.
The expansion of Abbot Point is vital to the future prosperity of Bowen and North Queensland.
It would create hundreds of jobs and underpin the development of $10 billion worth of coal mines in the Galilee Basin, but has effectively been held ransom by Green fanatics.
Quickly approving the Abbot Point expansion would send a strong message the new Government means business.
During the election, the Coalition made much of its plan to develop northern Australia, pledging to improve services and infrastructure, create a food bowl and build a $150 billion energy export industry.
The time has now come to implement the vision, including Townsville’s proposed superstadium.
Importantly, Herbert MP Ewen Jones yesterday reaffirmed his commitment to the proposal and said he would personally deliver the business case to the “”right senior ministers”.
The community will be holding Mr Jones and our other MPs to account on delivering tangible results for the region.
Courtesy of Townsville Bulletin