Article – Western Australia Revitalized?

28 April 2014
Ron Manners
The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) has opened up the windows and let some fresh air in.
Congratulations to Lyndon Rowe, the Chairman of the ERA, in releasing this draft report on “Microeconomic Reform in W.A.” on April 11th, 2014.
You will find the draft report, the separate overview and also a six minute video – here
Our State politicians are in a fortunate position, having a document such as this, to guide them in actions that will make a difference.
The timing of this report is important as our parliamentarians are faced with the choice of:-
1. To do nothing and allow us to drift into a ‘period of weak growth in Australia for at least 50 years’) as outlined in Federal Treasury’s warning from today’s Australian – here
& capably described by State Treasurer, Dr. Mike Nahan today – here
2. They can revitalize our State’s economy by instituting policies outlined in the ERA report.
There is no ‘third way’ so those of us who favour a healthy economy should open up lines of communication with our own local MPs and urge them to read and understand the ERA report and step forward and kick a goal for our State.
How do we judge whether this report is effective?
It must be, because it has upset all the usual entrenched vested interests that have lost sight of ‘serving their clients’ (an example is the Potato Board … having been abolished elsewhere it has miraculously survived in W.A., and continues to give us more expensive potatoes).
Henry Ford once said;
“Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal.”
His words should be remembered by our politicians when they study the ERA’s report.
The ‘obstacles’ identified in that report benefit only the bureaucracy and our politicians were not elected to represent the bureaucracy.
I commend this report to you and for further background reading you might enjoy:-

  • Mannkal’s submission to the ERA in September, 2013 – here
  • The Mannkal – IPA Project WA Report – here
  • How Weak Management Destroyed Australia’s Competitiveness – here

Courtesy of Mannkal