Article – We’ve got the goods you need, Mr Abbott – Fraser Coast Chronicle

Tonny Abbott’s announcement about turning northern Australia into a food bowl has raised a few eyebrows on the Fraser Coast.
Mr Abbott was in Townsville last week with shadow finance minister Andrew Robb to launch the policy document, which stated the Coalition would aim to create a northern food bowl, grow the tourism economy to two million visitors to the north each year and grow the resource industry to $150 billion by 2030.
Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell applauded the intent behind the announcement, but said the Opposition Leader could lower his sights from northern Australia and see similar opportunities here.
“I think when he went up to Townsville to make that announcement, he flew over one of the best food bowls in the country – the Fraser Coast,” Cr O’Connell said. “In one region, we have sugar cane, beef, some of the best seafood in the country, dairy and macadamia nuts.”
Cr O’Connell said the food production capabilities of the Fraser Coast were matched with the necessary infrastructure to deliver to the rest of the country. He said this infrastructure was the rail links, Bruce Hwy and two functioning airports in Maryborough and Hervey Bay.
“I would like to present to Tony Abbott the Fraser Coast as a viable food bowl region that deserves Federal Government support.”  The Coalition’s vision for the north include new dams, relocating Federal Government departments to northern cities and creating new tax zones for businesses operating north of Tropic of Capricorn.