Article – Wheatstone LNG project leaps forward

19 February 2015
Cole Latimer
Australian Mining
Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG project has hit a milestone with the completion of a linking pipeline between its processing plant and Dampier to Bunbury pipeline.
The 109 kilometre, $95 million, pipeline, which connects Wheatstone’s processing plant with the major pipeline was completed on time, according to The West.
It links Wheatstone with compressor station 2 on the pipeline, via the existing Ashburton West Link.
However Chevron stressed that the project will still not be officially running and operational until late 2016, and is yet to sign agreements with domestic customers.
The news is welcome for the project, which suffered a blow earlier this year after Shell sold its stake in Wheatstone, for approximately US$1.13 billion.
The project is 55 per cent complete to date, with the LNG plant, civil site preparations, and the roof of LNG Tank 1 complete.
At the LNG Tank 2 the roof panels have already been installed.
Courtesy of Australian Mining