Attendees Respond to the Launch of Mrs. Rinehart's Book, "From Red Tape to Red Carpet…and Then Some"

16 April 2015
David & Sharon Kais
Kais Contractors
“You have the ability to reach people and you do this with such conviction and passion. The media will always have its say but having your own private forums allows people to know the real Mrs. Rinehart.
The night was a huge success and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting and networking with such wonderful people.
On our return flight to Perth, I had time to read your book. Your book is very compelling and is food for thought for all your readers. We need this government to make changes now…
I remember a conversation we once had and you said to me, ‘I’m only one vote and I can’t make a change.’ I sat back and thought to myself I have been slightly ignorant (I suppose) like other Australians in some ways thinking powerful people have the power to make change but it is all down to the vote. The vote to make changes, the vote to be heard, the vote that counts. We must be active to make changes for the better for all Australians.”
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Courtesy of Kais Contractors