Blog Post – Adam Giles becomes new Northern Territory Chief Minister

It is pleasing to hear the vision new Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles’ has expressed for Northern Australia. Speaking soon after his accession to the leadership of the NT Country Liberal Party, Chief Minister Giles outlined his desire to see Northern Australia become a trade centre, saying a key priority of his government would be to encourage business ties with Asia. The Chief Minister also outlined his intention to grow the Territory’s infrastructure, stating that a focus on establishing rail corridors and pipelines was a major element of his government’s plan to create jobs and attract investment.
Giles’ highlighted the important role the Territory can play in driving Northern development and welcomed the Coalition’s Draft Discussion Paper ‘Developing Northern Australia – A 2030 Vision’. As Australia’s first indigenous government leader, Giles noted the important role that development and growth can play in the job creation among aboriginal communities. But he was clear that he wanted to be judged on his merits and achievements and not his his indigenous heritage.
Northern Australia’s proximity to the rapid growth occurring in Asia offers many opportunities. As well as an ongoing demand for Australia’s abundant natural resources and energy, Asia’s growing middle class – and changing diet – will increase demand for Australia’s agricultural products. Political leaders with the vision and determination to take advantage of these opportunities –  which Giles has in abundance – are pivotal if Northern Australia is to ever reach its full potential.

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