The insights of Nick Jorss

“The REAL horror of the mining/coal/oil/gas sector is the government support and rebates the industries get. Barely any of the profits from Australia’s resources even touch the Australian economy. Instead the money is quickly moved offshore to multinational conglomerates.” Let’s have a look at the facts:

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Chanticleer | Soul Patts’ Millner rails against secretive new laws

He says he only found out about the “nature-positive” plan a few weeks ago, even though he is chairman of four listed companies and has investments in all pockets of the country. Gina Rinehart’s Hancock is the other company brave enough to publicly raise the alarm bells – most businesses seem to be hiding behind the Business Council of Australia, lobbying on their behalf, or worried about political backlash.

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Miners fury over laws for ‘nature’

The mining sector is up in arms about Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek’s “nature positive plan” with claims it will derail mining projects and halt the government’s own clean energy revolution. Ms Plibersek is seeking to push changes in Australia’s environment protection laws, as part of the government’s nature positive plan.

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Record-breaking year for WA resources sector but ‘nature positive’ reforms threaten to derail growth and jobs

WA’s powerhouse resources sector pumped a record $77 billion into the State economy last year and accounted for one-fifth of company tax paid across the entire country.

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Labor’s Secret Tax on Living Costs.

You’d be used to the phrase ‘red tape’. This is ‘green tape’ to the max! Major new projects and development will be ground to a halt or be forced just to pay up. It’ll mean more lawyers, more court challenges, more power to the opponents – in the end a minefield of new regulations and rules to make every step towards getting things done tougher. Probably why most of this being kept hushed.

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Tying business up in red tape strangles productivity | The Nightly

Australia is in the middle of a crushing cost-of-living crisis. The most effective way out of it is to increase productivity. Improving productivity puts downward pressure on prices, but it does so without the financial pain associated with the only other major inflation-busting lever — punishing interest rate hikes. Given that, the Government should be throwing the kitchen sink at getting its policy settings right. Instead, Labor seems intent on tying up business in more and more red tape.

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Maru defends SEZ policy

Minister for International Trade and Investment, Richard Maru is reemphasizing the national Government’s policy of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) stating that it is a signature policy of the Marape-Rosso government.

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Ajman announces new UAE free zone

Ruler of Ajman issues royal decree to establish free zone in the Emirate.

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Incentives in Malaysia’s Special Economic Zones: A Guide for Businesses

Special economic zones (SEZs) in Malaysia provide fiscal incentives and tax relief, sector-specific perks, and strong infrastructure. We list the available incentives for businesses in the country’s respective SEZs.

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Blind Freddie sees what governments cannot | The Spectator | Mrs Gina Rinehart AO

We need policies that help Australians. We need policies that make investment in our country worthwhile. If we have any interest in maintaining our living standards we should be doing what other countries do and roll out the red carpet for investment. Expensive government-funded trade trips and trade personnel located overseas are a waste of money unless governments cut the costs and delays caused by government red tape. And Blind Freddie can see that the forcing the overburdened taxpayer to fund lawfare does nothing to encourage investment.

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