Coalition Government policy initiatives in Northern Australia

Dear ANDEV Colleagues,

Two-thirds of Australia’s export income is generated in Regional Australia. Mining and Agriculture are the two main export sectors in Northern Australia.

The Coalition Government has an extensive range of initiatives in place to support the Agriculture industry.

I have attached the link below to the recent Ministerial announcement from the Department of Infrastructure.

The Coalition Government has committed to an $100 Billion infrastructure program. The link below will take you to the projects that have been committed to in Northern Australia which will improve productivity across Northern Australia.

While there has been a greater Government recognition of the importance of Northern Australia since the creation of ANDEV, more can be done. Cutting red tape, access to broadband, building of dams, attracting Australian and overseas investors and investment incentives, are some of areas that require support. The creation off Special Economic Zones( SEZ) in Northern Australia is the most effective and integrated policy initiative that would meet drive the transformational economic and social development of Northern Australia.  SEZ’s have proven to be the key to such development around the world and especially in China.

Put this is your diary for 2020.

2020 Developing Northern Australia Conference – Developing Northern Australia Conference

I would recommend that you visit the Department of Infrastructure and Office of Northern Australia on a regular basis.

Office of Northern Australia | Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development

Imants Kins
Co Chair
Supporter of National Agriculture Day and National Mining Day

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