Cut the Red Tape and Make W.A. Great

From: “Julie Matheson”
Subject: Cut the Red Tape & Make WA Great.

Date: 9 December 2016 at 9:25:30 AM AWST
Dear Mrs Rinehart,
It was a pleasure to meet you recently in Port Hedland for the 120 year celebrations.  Also thank you for the advanced copy of your embargoed speech.  The implication of you doing that was not lost on me.
After reading your speeches and the most recent one delivered to the National Mining and Related Industries Day on 22 November 2016, I share your obsession with red tape and bureaucratic government agencies.  Since 2009, many of your speeches have rung the alarm bells but nobody is taking any action.  However, I’m about to change that and seek your involvement.
The only way to terminate the red tape industry and bureaucracy is through political force.
Labor will add to the 4,000 bits of red tape if elected.
Liberal have had eight years and done nothing except give multinationals an easy ride with red tape, yet Australian private companies like yours have been forced into compliance and you are the highest tax payer in Australia.
The “Trump Movement” and Brexit demonstrates that people all over the world are prepared to vote for a political force that is more like a revolution because they are tired of more of the same political doublespeak.
My party, Julie Matheson for Western Australia will be the political force against red tape and bureaucratic agencies of the State and Federal Government. Voters have been led around by agencies of false hope who promise representation and better outcomes for communities but all have been miserable failures, costing taxpayers millions.
I am seeking your involvement in this State election to gain the balance of power and shake up the bureaucracies running this State.  This requires a professional political campaign with candidates running in all seats.  It will take a budget to reach all Western Australian voters and require an office and staff to run the campaign.
Our first advertisement promoting our party’s campaign is booked for The West Australian on Thursday 15 December where we will be issuing one of many notices to shut down the agencies of red tape and false hope.
We also need a direct contact to Nick Xenophon if you can assist.  His party is not running in this State election, but he does have 30,000 voters from the last election which we would be a natural home for.  His endorsement or a coalition would help our profile as he remains a relevant political identity.
If we don’t run this political force against red tape now, nothing will change for another four years, in fact it will be worse.
We have 102 days left to the election on 11 March 2017.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.   We need a “Godfather”.
Yours sincerely
Julie Matheson
WA’s only INDEPENDENT registered political party
PO Box 8134, SUBIACO   WA   6008
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