Developing Northern Australia Conference 2015

The annual Developing Northern Australia Conference discusses critical issues in the region from north of the Tropic of Capricorn, spanning Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. This is an area of about three million square kilometres with a population of around one million people.

The purpose of the conference is to engage with the drivers of growth including agriculture, mining, energy, tourism and other developing sectors. There is a lot of strategic importance of the North, as it has geographic proximity to Asian markets. This presents both challenges and opportunities which include defence and border security.

Issues in the region such as a sparse population, limited infrastructure and supply chain delivery are very imporant and vital to its prosperity. Meeting the demand for skilled labour while addressing regional unemployment will be discussed, along with management, ownership and access to national resources.

Hosted by the Association for Sustainability in Business Inc, those attending will receive access to practical solutions and strategies that will assist the development of sustainable practice in livable and healthy cities, waste managment and recycling, natural resources and renewable energy, population growth and food production as well as regional development.

Bringing together people of business, academics, NGOs, community groups and all tiers of government will make certain that discussion and the opportunity to address the unique topics that are relevant to the region’s future will take place at the three-day event. The forum will provide delegates who live, work and represent  the various communities and industry sectors in the region, giving those who attend the opportunity to network, engage and formulate new partnerships and solutions.


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