Huge task lies ahead

9 September 2013
The Cairns Post
FOR the most part, the federal election is done and dusted and the people have spoken heavily in favour of the Coalition.
It’s a futile exercise to dissect the performance of Labor over the past six years; where the party went wrong has been analysed to death.
So let’s skip the post-mortem.
It’s time to herald in a new government and a new prime minister who promises bold leadership in advancing Australia.
The Coalition enters the term armed with a policy to reshape northern Australia.
While the plan only exists on paper, its objectives serve to benefit the future of local electorates such as Leichhardt and Kennedy.
The core industries this long-term strategies target are key to north Queensland’s financial welfare.
Agriculture has been a reliable, quiet-achieving sector that is worth $1.2 billion to the economy but the consensus among experts is that it offers loads more potential.
Tourism, an industry that can either flourish or flatline, is a $2.1 billion contributor to the Far North and that’s in recovery mode.
The northern Australia policy stresses the importance of both food production and tourism in its aim to induce growth in the nation’s top end.
Leichhardt’s Warren Entsch, a former grazier, will obviously look to have heavy input into this plan.
In Kennedy, the strategy is likely to receive strong support from staunch farmers’ advocate Bob Katter, assuming he claims his seat.
Prime minister elect Tony Abbott has a lot of promises to fulfil, as do his elected MPs.
But his government has been elected and deserves the chance to prove the majority of Australia that they were right.
Courtesy of The Cairns Post