Interview with Luke Bowen

11 September 2013
Kate O’Toole
ABC Darwin
Interview with Luke Bowen Executive Director, NT Cattleman’s Association about being an Ambassador for the NT. O’Toole says there is a collection of new ambassadors for the NT, one of them is Gina Rinehart. Bowen says they are talking about tourism and the resources sector, education and medical research. He says Tourism NT is one of the major drivers behind this, ‘its got its tentacles in to all of government’ and business. O’Toole says the proximity with Asia does not change in the wet season, yet the likelihood of people having conferences does. Bowen says they are not just talking about Darwin, but also Alice Springs. He says Rinehart has a few interests in mining oil and gas and exploration licences and Rinehart is a big player in WA. Bowen says the cattle industry is one of NT’s foundation industries. He says the NT has cross cultural exchanges with countries like Indonesia. He says they currently have 16 young Aboriginal people in Indonesia as part of a student exchange program. O’Toole says ‘a bank’s’ monthly business survey is recording a jump in business confidence saying that the change in Federal Government is one of the main factors. Bowen says the Prime Minister Elect [Tony Abbott] has said he is going to make a priority to go to Jakarta, first. He says a long-term commitment to the north is not just about building a road or dam, but also about health and housing.
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Courtesy of ABC Darwin