Interview with Warren Entsch, Member for Leichardt

18 September 2013
Richard Margetson
ABC Darwin
Interview with Warren Entsch, Member for Leichardt, who has been named as the man to develop the North, with a white paper to be produced in one year. Entsch says he is establishing a secretariat for this and Margetson notes that Natasha Griggs, Member for Solomon, has said she is interested in joining this group. Entsch says it is important local elected representatives can take part and he was pleased to hear from ‘your university’ yesterday.
He notes ther e are several campuses of various universities in the wider northern region, including Central Qld University, James Cook University, Charles Darwin University and Notre Dame in the Kimberleys. Entsch says they are going to look at more than just agriculture, saying while this is a component, they are also interested in things like energy generation opportunities and water.
Margetson notes the Opposition committed to a 30 % cut in company tax rates for Darwin and the Territory Chamber of Commerce hopes the Government can do the same, adding that Gina Rinehart and Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision have suggested similar ideas before. Entsch says we need to look at the whole of Northern Australia and that is what this white paper is about.
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Courtesy of ABC Darwin