Labor’s Secret Tax on Living Costs.

Article courtesy of ADH TV.

Governments always have their secret agendas but this one is frightening.

Sitting quietly on a list of ‘priority agenda item’ for the Albanese Government is one of the most destructive tax programmes ever floated in Australia.

And yet, just about no-one knows anything about it.

You’re about to see why.

As always, new ways to take money and liberties away always get pleasant sounding names.

This one is called the “Nature Positive Plan” with a warm, almost harmless sounding slogan “Better for the environment, Better for business”.

You can bet the house on it … it’s neither.

The Nature Positive Plan is the crafty work of Canberra-based bureaucrats, with the sign-off of unworldly academics, inspired by anti-development activists.

But it’s happening with the backing of hard-left inner-suburban ideologues in The Labor Party – no less than The Prime Minister and Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek.

When this kicks in, it threatens farming, it’ll push up the price of new real-estate, blow the budget on building much needed roads, and opening new mines … forget it.

Ironically, even flavour of the month renewable energy projects like new wind farms and paddocks covered in solar panels will cost more.

Up goes the price of power – yet again.

Let’s put this simply: if the project involves the turning of soil or the cutting down of a tree, or digging a hole, The Nature Positive Plan will get you.

This is just another tax adding to the cost of living.

It’s a tax on progress.

So why have you never heard of it?

That’s the multi-billion-dollar question – which is actually how much extra it will likely cost Australian … right at a time we can less afford it.

The policy is the Albanese government’s planned overhaul of the already complicated and expensive batch of Federal environmental laws.

You’d be used to the phrase ‘red tape’. This is ‘green tape’ to the max!

Weaved into it all is the Left’s anti-development mindset and the impact will be dollar signs.

Major new projects and development will be ground to a halt or be forced just to pay up.

It’ll mean more lawyers, more court challenges, more power to the opponents – in the end a minefield of new regulations and rules to make every step towards getting things done tougher.

Probably why most of this being kept hushed.

Normally, when a government overhaul laws of national interest, they’re loud and proud about it.

Not this one.

So far there have been three closed-door, information sessions to ‘fellow traveller’ environment groups.

The chosen people allowed in to “see how it works” walk away confused with nothing more than their own handwritten notes.

No-one even gets a take-home pack, let alone any draft legislation.

At a time when mining is carrying Australia – every indication is, it’ll hit them the hardest.

Every mining company we’ve approached about “Nature Positive” is in the dark.

Nowhere can you find a proper outline of who or what or when any of this will happen.

In fact, the only reason we can tell you anything about it now is because the green activists are starting to gloat.

The Government claims it’s all out there.

That’s a straight out lie.

If you trawl the Parliament website, you’ll find a 50-page glossy motherhood booklet that sells all the virtues and benefits mixed up with photos of koalas and rainforests.

Nowhere is there anything that tells you, what’s it going to cost.

Labor was badly humiliated by the Rudd Gillard Rudd era mining tax and it will never live down the lie of the “No Carbon Tax under the government I lead”.

The Nature Positive Plan is shaping as just another one of these – a sly way of digging out more money.

And just like the consequences of the carbon tax and every other ‘save the planet’ initiative – who ends up paying more?

You will.

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