Mrs. Gina Rinehart’s contributions to West Australia acknowledged as award recipient of the inaugural 500 Club State Shapers Award

28 February 2018
Hancock Prospecting

Mrs. Gina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of the Hancock Prospecting Group, Roy Hill and Kidman and Co,  has been awarded the inaugural 500 Club State Shapers Award at a club lunch at the Hyatt, Perth on the 28th of February.

This award is given to those who have helped shaped our state. Mr. William Meston, when presenting the award said “Mrs. Rinehart believes in WA. She believes in what our opportunity is. She believes in our potential and most importantly has the courage of her convictions and the incredible levels of resilience required to succeed and do things differently, and has played a major role in shaping the state of Western Australia over the past generations. She is a leading figure in the mining and agriculture industries in Australia….Mrs. Rinehart has transformed the (Hancock) Group from one that was in difficulties and financially troubled to a successful industry-leading innovator. Under Mrs. Rinehart’s leadership, the Hancock Group has diversified from prospecting to include investments in iron ore, coal, beef, dairy and property.”

Mrs. Rinehart was awarded this award given her enormous contributions to our state, firstly in the mining sector and now increasingly in agriculture too. She also started Australia’s first national day for the mining and related industries, and last year , the inaugural day for the agriculture and related industries, 22nd  and 21st November respectively, the two largest industry contributors to our state.

Please see below Mrs. Rinehart’s speech and photos from the luncheon.

Speech by Gina Rinehart to the 500 Club

Photos from Gina Rineharts Award Ceremony at the 500 Club

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