New Delhi Book Launch – Mrs. Rinehart's Address and Photographs

23 June 2015
Mrs. Gina Rinehart

Mr Prime Minister, distinguished guests, friends.
Namaste. What a wonderful and humbling honour it is to be with you today.
Less than twelve months ago, when I first read of your policy “From Red Tape to Red Carpet”, I was very excited, but had no inkling that one day I would be standing before you, at your home, launching my second book, written in honour of such a great gentleman who has a message I truly believe the world needs to understand.

And in such astute words, you have summed up what drives economies and living standards all over the world. Put simply – to encourage investment, create employment, generate wealth, elevate living standards and enjoy freedom.

And 5,500 miles away in Australia, this vision is also necessary.

To read Mrs. Rinehart’s full address, click: New_Delhi_Speech

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