Northern Development Focus Gathers Momentum

2 September 2014
Senator Ian Macdonald
Landscape Architects ‘Ecoscape’ have developed a proposal to construct a new Northern Australian capital on the shores of Lake Argyle on the Ord River in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.
North Queensland based LNP Senator Ian Macdonald has welcomed the creativity and optimism of the proposal.
“This is exactly the sort of original thinking that is needed for Northern Australia to be developed and prosper” said the Senator.
“The people at Ecoscape have looked at the Ord River scheme and seen a vast water resource in an area of breathtaking natural beauty that boasts a year-round tropical climate. They then matched these qualities to industries, technologies and demographics that will thrive in this location.”
Senator Macdonald was delighted to see the private-sector getting excited about the vast potential of the north.
“I have said all along that the key to prosperity in developing Northern Australia lies in bringing together all sectors and all industries to build viable and sustainable communities.”
Senator Macdonald has acknowledged that the Northern Australia policy direction being championed by the government has planted viable seeds in the minds of many Australians that are now starting to flower.
“People are taking notice of the idea that Northern Australia can be a world leader in the production of premium agricultural produce, in the development of tropical health and medicine, in marine sciences and a host of other areas.”
“As the grassroots support for developing Northern Australia gathers momentum, it is critical to ensure that the political will in Canberra remains fixed on achieving these goals.”
The report of the Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia will be released on Thursday this week.
Courtesy of Senator Ian Macdonald