Presentation of BergeToubkal Model to the Ships Godmother Mrs Gina Rinehart

Hancock Prospecting

Yesterday Duncan Bond, the Chief Commercial Officer of Bergebulk, visited HPPL’s Headquarters in West Australia, to formally present Mrs Rinehart with a model of the Berge Toubkal, their new 210,000DWT bulk carrier that was launched in July in China , with our Chairman Mrs Rinehart appointed as the ships’ godmother.

There was a ceremony with speeches where our CEO, Garry Korte mentioned how pleased Mrs Rinehart was to be honoured as the Godmother of the Berge Toubkal and that consistent with Bergebulks’ motto “moving mountains” , there would now be more mountains to move from Roy Hill.

Duncan Bond acknowledged how important relationships were with Mrs Rinehart and Hancock and how thrilled Bergebulk were that Mrs Rinehart had accepted the appointment as Godmother to the BergeToubkal. He also talked about the Bergebulk business and some of the history and naval traditions around ship names and Godmothers. Bergebulk’s ships are all named after mountains as the word Berge in Norwegian means mountain – Toubkal is a famous mountain in Morocco.

There is a long standing naval tradition of influential women being appointed as Godmothers of ships. Mrs Rinehart is in company of being such a Godmother with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who was appointed as Godmother of Britannia, Sophie Loren for MSC Cruises ships, Dame Helen Mirren for Venturra, Dame Judi Dench for Carnival Legend, Her Majesty Queen Máxima of the Netherlands the Godmother of the MS Koningsdam and recently internationally acclaimed Chinese actress Fan Bingbing the Godmother of Ovation of the Seas. The tradition of having women christen ships began in the British Royal Navy. Before the 19th century, it was strictly men and usually members of the royal family, senior naval officers or Admiralty officials. When civilians first began to be given the honour, women were also included – and they have slowly become the go-to gender for ship patrons. The practice moved to the United States and the western world, and the US Navy has a very strong “Society of Sponsors” made up of women who have taken part in the time honoured tradition.

As Godmother Mrs Rinehart is entitled to a cruise on her ship. She is hoping this may be possible in March 2018, when the ship visits Port Hedland for the first time to load Roy Hill ore.

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