Price pushes for WA’s North West in northern inquiry

5 September 2014
Melissa Price MP

The Australian Parliament’s Northern Australia Committee, of which Melissa Price, Member for Durack is a member, has tabled its final report on the development of Northern Australia, titled Pivot North.

The Committee was tasked with the important role of helping to define the future of Australia’s North—a region vital to the economic growth of the nation.
Ms Price said that the development of Northern Australia presents a tremendous challenge and an even greater opportunity.
“The land, water and minerals of the northern part of Durack, are abundant, and we are on the doorstep of Asia – with its growing population,” Ms Price said.
“My government is very firm in its view to develop the north, which of course will be challenging … and will require courage and a consistent, sustainable and coordinated approach.
“Very pleasingly, this is a consenting report, with very strong support from all three parties.
“The tripartite support means the report and recommendations will continue beyond the life of the Parliament.
“The recommendations will better position the Kimberley, Pilbara and potentially the Gascoyne in developing the future of Australia’s north.”
Whilst the report contains 42 recommendations, addressing both opportunities and impediments, Ms Price said that a number of recommendations identified in the report are especially significant to Western Australia’s North West.
“There a number of important recommendations in the report. Several relate to my very large electorate of Durack,” Ms Price said.
“The creation of a Department of Northern Australian Development, based in the north, will better position the Kimberley and Pilbara in the future development of northern Australia.
“A key recommendation promotes strong Federal government engagement with the State government to improve the power grid in the Pilbara.
“Development of water infrastructure is a priority – there’s potential opportunity here for the Kimberley, Pilbara and possibly the Gascoyne.
“I’m pleased with the priority given to the reduction of insurance premiums in the north – to affordable levels – the people of Durack have been heard.
“Priority is given to the upgrade of key roads in the bush that can open up areas by improving access.
“The investigation of the potential and practicality of special economic zones is good news for the Kimberly and Pilbara,” Ms Price said.
This inquiry has formed one part of a broader process aimed at promoting the development of Northern Australia. The Australian Government has made a commitment to produce within a 12-month timeframe a White Paper outlining the Government’s vision for the future of Northern Australia. The Committee’s findings and recommendations will inform the White Paper process, assisting the Government to formulate its policy for the future development of Northern Australia.
Courtesy of Melissa Price MP