The Overton Window and Northern Development

6 March 2014

Over the past three years, the issue of northern development has received growing media and political attention. Increasingly, people of influence are seeing northern development as more than just a “good” or “sensible” idea, but an idea worthy of government policy and implementation.
According to the Overton window, northern development has moved towards the maximum degree of political acceptability by policy makers.
In the words of ANDEV co-chair Imants Kins:
“Three years ago and prior to the formation of ANDEV, there was much opposition to the idea of Northern Development.
If you go to the link you will see that  Northern Development has suddenly moved from Sensible to Popular, and hopefully Policy very soon.
We can take this as a success indicator  of the work of ANDEV and our supporters.
Well done to you all especially to our Chair Mrs Gina Rinehart.”