Article – Tony Abbott to detail plans to ‘substantially increase’ population of northern Australia – Steven Scott, Courier Mail

by 25 June 2013

AUSTRALIANS could be offered new tax perks to move to north under a Coalition plan to “substantially increase” the populations of cities including Cairns and Townsville.

Public servants from the CSIRO and AQIS could be forced to move north and defence facilities in the region expanded as part of the plan.

Funds from Australia’s foreign aid budget could also be used to pay for research into tropical diseases to tackle the risk of malaria [...]

Article – Let’s keep our place in the sun – Kylie Stevenson, The Northern Territory News

by 25 June 2013

THIS week Tony Abbott officially announced his plan to develop the north if he becomes prime minister.

While the concept may have its good points, there’s also a lot of concern in the community about how our infrastructure will cope.

Already rents and the general cost of living are high.

We Top Enders are laid-back and generally accepting of newcomers.

The constant trickle of southerners heading north in search of sunshine and barramundi are warmly welcomed by most [...]

Article – We’ve got the goods you need, Mr Abbott – Fraser Coast Chronicle

by 25 June 2013

Tonny Abbott’s announcement about turning northern Australia into a food bowl has raised a few eyebrows on the Fraser Coast.

Mr Abbott was in Townsville last week with shadow finance minister Andrew Robb to launch the policy document, which stated the Coalition would aim to create a northern food bowl, grow the tourism economy to two million visitors to the north each year and grow the resource industry to $150 billion by 2030.

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell applauded [...]

Article – Abbott spurns CBD plan – Daniel Strudwick, The Cairns Post

by 25 June 2013

Plans to transform parts of the Cairns CBD are unlikely to receive funding from a Coalition Government in Canberra because the Commonwealth’s coffers are bare and the city is already “very impressive”.

In Cairns at the weekend, federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said urgent repairs for the Bruce Highway deserved national funding more than any revamp of the inner-city.

“Don’t underestimate the quality of the city as things stand,” Mr Abbott said.

“I don’t for a [...]

Article – Rinehart keen to join push for north – Fleur Anderson, North Queensland Register

by 25 June 2013

AN influential private-sector business group led by billionaire Gina Rinehart will lobby to be part of a taskforce promised under an Abbott government to drive a 20-year economic plan for Northern Australia.

Under the plan part of the foreign aid budget would be diverted for medical research and training in northern cities.

The Coalition promised on Friday it would produce a white paper within 12 months of the election to set out how Australia can develop large-scale agricultural developments [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 21/06/13

by 21 June 2013

The Australian

Tony Abbott has announced the Coalition’s Developing North Australia policy in Townsville, pledging that his government would implement a raft of measures to fast-track development across the North, turning it into a “thriving, strong and prosperous tourism, food bowl, medical and Asian trading mecca” if elected. The policy plan involves lower personal and business tax rates, government relocation subsidies and investment incentives to encourage a major population shift across the region.  “No [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 14/06/13

by 14 June 2013

The Australian

Richard Sellers, director-general of Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum, has defended the environmental record of the shale gas industry. While there has been concern raised regarding fracking practices, Sellers noted these methods had been used for decades in Western Australia with no environmental issues.

The US Energy Information Agency has released a report this week claiming that shale-based resources increase the world’s total potential oil reserves by 11 per [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart, “Greetings from the lucky country (?)” – Australian Resources and Investment

by 11 June 2013

Australia has relied on its resources for its prosperity for a long time, especially during the last six years of record commodity prices. We started being called ‘the lucky country’ decades ago, when we rode of the sheep’s back; but now the country is riding on the back of the miners and related industries. 

I repeatedly refer to ‘related industries’, because mines don’t just sit there out in the bush, cut off from everything else. [...]

Message from ANDEV Co-Chair Imants Kins

by 10 June 2013

Dear ANDEV supporters,

Some further details that emerged in last two days on the SEZ’s announced by PM Abe:

Deregulation zones: Another borrowed idea, this time from the 2001-2006 government of Junichiro Koizumi. Selected cities and regions, including Tokyo, would be allowed to experiment with deregulation measures not yet approved for the nation as a whole.

The policy of allowing special “deregulation zones” has existed since the administration of Junichiro Koizumi a decade ago and is [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 07/06/13

by 7 June 2013

The Australian

In a report released this week, the Australian Council of Learned Academies estimated Australia’s undiscovered shale gas reserves could double to over 1000 trillion cubic feet, but development costs could be high given most reserves are located in remote areas that lack existing infrastructure. “Shale gas in Australia will not be cheap, but it is likely to be plentiful and has the potential to be an economically very important additional energy source,” [...]