Article – Roy Hill: a beacon of prosperity

by 18 April 2016

As Australia Week in China wraps up, Roy Hill has recently celebrated its inaugural shipment of iron ore to China.

More than 60 years after it was discovered and after much criticism from naysayers, Roy Hill is bringing Australia’s great iron ore to the world.

This is a project that saw the largest financing ever in mainland resources history.

This is a project that has benefited and involved over 50,000 people.

This is a project [...]

Article – Roll out the red carpet for business

by 18 April 2016

You want to run a business? Great! Just make sure that you comply with the endless approvals, permits, grants, reports, licenses, audits, standards, rules, codes and data requirements.

As has been pointed out by eminent businesswomen Gina Rinehart and Indian Prime Minister Modi, it’s time to roll out the red carpet for those who take a risk, invest and create jobs. Running a business should be a move that is celebrated and encouraged, not penalised.


Interview with Mrs. Gina Rinehart

by 18 April 2016

March-May 2016 Len Fretwell & Lena Kozak Digging & Drilling, Issue 15

Our team congratulates Gina Rinehart for recently being awarded ‘Miner of the Decade’ by the Sydney Mining Club, Momentum ‘Most Inspiring Business Woman’, Australian Mining’s ‘Contribution to Mining’ award and for sending off the historic first shipment of Roy Hill ore from Port Hedland in December 2015.

We thank Ms. Rinehart for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some [...]

Article – Cairns to host Federal Government’s $5 billion loans scheme for developing northern Australia

by 4 April 2016

24 March 2016 Craig Zonca ABC Rural

The Federal Government has chosen Cairns to host the administration of its $5 billion loans scheme for developing northern Australia.

AUDIO: Senator Matt Canavan explains why Cairns was chosen to host the North Australia Infrastructure Facility(ABC Rural)

“This is all about regional development and it’s great that we’re bringing the kind of expertise and skills to a place like Cairns,” said Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan.

There [...]