Company tax cuts will spark post-Covid economy

by 27 July 2020

Article by Jeff Bennett and Tony Markin courtesy of The Australian

Government-imposed health restrictions have decimated the travel, tourism and entertainment sectors of the Australian economy. Logic suggests that recovery from the flatline caused by this pandemic depends critically on policies that revive the productive heart of the economy – Australian companies.

This contrasts with Keynesian-oriented proposals for more government spending; for instance, on infrastructure.

Mainstream economists strongly disagree about the effectiveness of government spending [...]

NT public service heads given 5 weeks to draft up tape-slashing plan, as recommended by Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission report

by 21 July 2020

Article by Madura McCormack courtesy of NT News

NORTHERN Territory public service bosses have been given just five weeks to write up a red tape slashing plan that will make the Territory the ‘easiest place to do business’ in Australia, as part of the jurisdiction’s bounce-back from the pandemic-induced recession.

The aim — for the NT to have the “most efficient approval process” in the country by slashing business licensing and approvals to a maximum of [...]

Environmental laws ‘dated and inefficient’, review finds

by 21 July 2020

Article by Geoff Chambers courtesy of the Australian

Scott Morrison has ordered the biggest shake-up of Australia’s environmental laws in 20 years, pushing responsibility for project approvals to the states in a bid to slash green tape and drive job creation through the COVID-19 pandemic.

New national environmental rules will be finalised by the end of next month to fast-track major projects and unleash an investment boom across the mining, gas and property [...]

Mining will lead the recovery

by 20 July 2020

Article by Paul Everingham courtesy of the West Australian

While the economic benefits of Western Australia’s mining and energy sector have long been acknowledged, the impacts of COVID-19 has brought home just how essential the sector is to the nation’s wellbeing.

Back in April this year, it was reported in The West Australian that WA’s decision to keep the resources sector running through the coronavirus had saved the national economy from collapse during [...]

To lure Hong Kongers, let’s import their system

by 20 July 2020

Article by Nicholas Tam

Making Darwin a charter city ruled by Hong Kong’s pro-prosperity legal framework would eradicate at least some of the regulatory complexity stifling Australia’s economy.

When Commodore Gordon Bremer raised the Union Flag at Hong Kong’s Possession Point in 1841, few imagined that the meagre war prize dismissed by Lord Palmerston as a “barren island with barely a house upon it” would one day capture the world’s imagination as a [...]


by 20 July 2020

Article by Matthew Killoran courtesy of the Courier Mail

THOUSANDS of jobs have been delayed by blowouts in federal government green tape approvals by 510 per cent, with some projects held up by almost four months.

The claim is based on opposition analysis of a scathing audit office review and comes ahead of the release of a review into the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The analysis shows that just 5 per [...]

This is how much overregulation costs your family each year

by 17 July 2020

Article courtesy of The White House

For years, the Swamp has interfered in the lives of private American citizens by piling regulations on nearly every form of economic activity.

This “expert” rule from Washington has created thousands of well-paying jobs for bureaucrats while costing everyone else time, money, and—for many—their careers.

This afternoon, President Trump is announcing more results from his Administration’s historic regulatory relief efforts. The White House Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), [...]

National Farmers Federation’s blueprint for agriculture-led recovery

by 15 July 2020

Article by Richard Ferguson courtesy of the Australian.

Australia’s farmers want industrial relations rules simplified, export fees waived, cuts to green tape and millions poured into regional infrastructure in order to spark a post-coronavirus economic recovery led by the agricultural sector.

National Farmers Federation president Fiona Simson will tell the National Press Club on Tuesday that agriculture can lead Australians back to prosperity if federal and state governments invest more heavily in the regions.

After [...]