Media release – Anti-development Greens clutching at straws to stop Abbot Point

“Green groups opposed to economic development in North Queensland continue to use scare campaigns to try and block the development of the Federal government-approved coal terminal at Abbot Point”, said John Shipp, Director, North Australia Project at the Institute of Public Affairs.

“Greenpeace are anti-jobs, anti-development and anti-growth. Greenpeace continue to mislead the public on the environmental impact of economic development.

“Yesterday Greenpeace attempted to portray the project’s approval as an ‘apparent’ contravention of a World Heritage Committee decision. It was false. The Committee said the project should not go ahead if it will threaten the health of the Great Barrier Reef, which the Federal government’s approval process has concluded the project will not”, said Mr Shipp.

“Australian environmental regulations are amongst the strictest in the world. The new export terminal will be subject to 60 conditions. It has complied with every State and Federal approval.

“If the project did threaten the Great Barrier Reef it would not have been approved.

“This is yet another example of the problems that are being faced in Northern Australia. Green groups are doing everything they can to stop major projects and in the end those major projects will go offshore. The losers are Australian workers and the local economy.

“Greenpeace has already managed to significantly delay the Abbot Point project which has cost millions of dollars. They will assert anything to delay the project further.

“The joint GVK-Hancock Coal Project is worth $6.9 billion and will create 650 jobs. It is a shining light for the economy as other major projects are being shelved around Australia”, said Mr Shipp

The North Australia Project is a joint project of Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision and the Institute of Public Affairs.

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