Media release – Poll: Australians thank mining industry, not Gillard, for strong economy

A new poll conducted by Galaxy Research for the Institute of Public Affairs reveals the overwhelming majority of Australians believe the mining industry deserves the credit for Australia’s strong economy, not the Gillard government.

Galaxy asked 1,053 respondents across Australia from 15-17 June 2012:

“In your opinion, who do you think is more responsible for Australia’s strong economy? The Gillard government, or the mining industry?”

  • 23% of Australians thought the Gillard government was more responsible
  • 69% of Australians thought the mining industry was more responsible
  • 8% did not know

“Australians understand it is the entrepreneurs and job-creators in the mining industry that we have to thank for our record low unemployment and the fact that we avoided the worst effects of the global financial crisis,” said James Paterson, director of communications at the IPA.

“Australians are right. IPA research shows that the mining industry has been a massive boost to the Australian economy since the global financial crisis hit in September 2008, growing 17.8% in that time, compared to just 8.3% for the rest of the economy,” said Mr Paterson.

The poll also showed that the Gillard government cannot even convince its own supporters that it deserves credit for Australia’s prosperity. 46% of Labor voters said the mining industry deserved the credit for Australia’s strong economy, compared to 43% of Labor voters who thought the Gillard government was responsible.

And Green voters were even more likely to give credit to the mining industry, with 52% saying it was more important and just 37% saying the Gillard government was responsible. Unsurprisingly, West Australians were most likely to believe the mining industry was responsible for our economic fortune, with 79% support compared to just 16% for the Gillard government.

“Wayne Swan’s class-warfare attacks on rich miners have completely backfired. Australians know that without the mining industry we could be experiencing economic devastation like the rest of the world. It’s time politicians treated wealth-creators with the respect they deserve,” said Mr Paterson.

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